Stories live for eons

WALL-E robot waving at the Sun as it sets
To the summer photo © Copyright by Dominik Scythe

The idea of blogging in the context of blogging as a business has taken a back seat. The habit of sitting down and sharing thoughts and experiences, like some small businesses would a few years ago, has taken a back seat too.

There’s been nothing to say for hundreds of thousands of businesses for simply too long. One, they are simply too busy running their little shows and putting out fires day-in and day-out, and two, most of them are inundated with immaculate, well articulated, well written, dazzling content from the few who can write and produce.

Google anything, and you will find enough information on any subject – from almost everywhere on the planet, from almost everyone who has any voice on the Internet – good, bad or ugly.

The term ‘anything’ itself returns about 3,880,000,000 results – three billion, eight hundred and eighty million. Every time you use Google, you get millions, if not billions of results – way too many for you to consume and simply too many to go past page one. Page one gets you what you want.

There’s going to be a time when the only sufficient answer provided to us by a service like Google or Apple’s Siri shall be the one we’re looking for – assisted by artificial intelligence and human use. You won’t hunt through pages for information, instead, you will be guided to a ‘true’ answer – the right page, blob of text, movie clip, news item or whatever it is that you seek.

In such a scenario, when every query is answered with a ‘true’ answer on the information platform of your choice, where would, all the hundreds of thousands of articles written to please Google first, and humans second, rank? If not even require a mention.

Large, deep, dense, 4000+ word articles written to gain the pleasure of Google and to satisfy its appetite for content rule the roost. The one-single publisher who outshines at this form of publishing takes the limelight on page one, and with it, most search traffic.

The search world as we know it will cease to exist the way we know it. There is too much noise on most systems and the only, if not the first ‘singularity’ we may face, one that would be an acceptable one, is the purging of noise across systems by an AI that is designed to assist humans. A Wall-E type of humble, AI, that comes in to clean-up the mess we have created. It could be one governed by law.

In the backdrop of all this, two entities will survive in cyberspace. ‘True human stories’ and AI-assisted ‘true answers’. Given that AI is largely modeled to serve business interests first and human interests second (YouTube comes to mind), we are far off from that point in time, but a quarantine for machine-friendly, search-optimized content on galactic proportions is conceivable*.

When that happens, the only bit of information that shall survive will be human emotion, experience, suffering and stories of our lives, written by well-meaning, ‘wise-men’ who saw the world differently – who wrote to share the many little things life brought them and to which they put pen to paper.

Stories live for eons. Write one about you and your journey as a business.

*Google does this all the time by tweaking its algorithm. Apple tries to get you the most correct answers or a list of answers through Siri. The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act in the US aims to deter an estimated 47 billion robocalls.

This article is authored by Yasser Masood, a partner at Spiderz Web International. He fulfills the role of Technical Product Manager and Solutions Consultant at the company. Yasser co-founded Spiderz in 2002, some seventeen years ago. Spiderz is a web services provider in the United Arab Emirates. Write to him at – he’ll be happy to hear from you!